Yo! How Georgia Auto Pawn Saved Me!

It’s your boy Vinnie B. back with another installment. I’m going to take a break from talking about food to fill you in on the story of how I almost lost everything before I even got started and how I went from a know nothing in Atlanta to a legend in Miami.

Vinnie B. did not emerge from the womb as an OG. It was a process. I had to marinate. To age like a fine box of wine on the shelf at Winn-Dixie. You see it was not too long ago that I was living in Hotlanta (Atlanta now, because it cooled off once I dipped out) and things got real. I needed some extra cash in a bind and the peeps down at Georgia Auto Pawn got me straight and on the path to glory that I walk now.

Here’s how things went down.

Picture it, Georgia, 2018

I thought I was baller status, but in reality, I wasn’t even on the G League. I was riding around town in my Lexus hollering at the ladies and spending all my money on bottle service. Sure, it was fun, but while I had my thuganomics handled my economics were rekt. One day I woke up and saw my account was negative. I was about to be hit with some serious fees, and — did I mention? — rent was due!

I was shook. I called up my landlord and was like, “Yo! I’ll get you next week.” But he was like, “Nah, fam. You got me today or you get out next week. Ya heard?” I heard alright, but where was I supposed to get a rack by the end of the day? The people I know break legs when they don’t get paid and my family cut me off at my first communion (can you believe that?!).

Every Problem Has A Solution

I busted out my iPhone (with only 17 monthly installment payments left) and started looking on Craigslist for same day cash jobs, but I’m not feeling that sign holding side hustle. Vinnie B. thought a loan might set things straight, but my credit wasn’t that great from that student credit card I maxed out and missing a few student loan payments. I started seeing searches pop up for payday loans, but they could not get me enough to make up the negative balances in my account AND pay the rent.

It was looking bleak for me. Images of living in the park were flashing before my eyes. Not a good look. But then I thought to myself — Nah. I’ll just sleep in my car — and that’s when it hit me — I could use my car to get out of this sitch. Sure, a seven-year-old Lexus sounds legit, but when I picked up that whip with my parent’s money, I had no idea it would keep me off the street one day.

I didn’t want to sell my ride though. That whip was my life — my identity. Plus, it had just got paid off. That’s when I started seeing Georgia Auto Pawn on Google.

Vinmobile to the Rescue

I read about these things called auto title pawns but keeping it real it sounded a little sketch at first. I also read I could get a loan on my car but keep driving it. How does that work? I headed to Georgia Auto Pawn down on Jonesboro Road SE to find out what the deal was.

When I walked in, I was met by Phyllis who could tell it was my fist time but thankfully she was gentle with me. She told me what I read on the Googles was truth. We went over the process and she filled me in on the deets. I would get to keep my car and keep driving it. All I had to do was….

  • Let them inspect my car. (It took like five mins).
  • Show my clear title.
  • Show my driver’s license

In no time they made me a solid loan offer. I couldn’t believe it. Georgia Auto Pawn saved me. My rent got paid.

Georgia Auto Pawn Set Lil’ Vin Straight

I woke up the next day with the rent paid and cash in my pocket ready to go. But then the voice inside my head reminded me I had to pay this money back. That was the moment I became grown and decided to take responsibility. No more seven nights a week at the club acting a fool. Got that down to a more reasonable three nights a week. No more spending recklessly just to impress the ladies.

With the money I stopped spending I was able to pay back my loan from Georgia Auto Pawn and have a little savings going on. What’s cooler than savings? Nothing.

I don’t know where he’d be today if not for Georgia Auto Pawn in Atlanta. Maybe living in Peachtree Park or something. Let me. close by dropping some knowledge on you. Learn to walk before you fly. Facts.

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